Rep Rob Sampson Officially Announces His Re-Election Campaign! (video)

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May 13, 2014 No Comments ›› admin

State Representative Rob Sampson recently announced his Re-Election campaign for 2014 with this video message.


Below is the full text of Rob’s video message including links to sources and additional videos of Rob’s floor debates on important topics including jobs and the economy, gun control, and how to turn our state around.

I’m State Representative Rob Sampson and this is my official announcement that I am running for re-election.

It has been honor to serve our community over the last four years.

I ran for office initially because I was concerned that bad government policies have made the American dream harder to achieve.

I am running again because I remain genuinely concerned about our future.  Our leaders have put us all in debt with wasteful spending and questionable priorities.  Businesses are struggling. Jobs are being lost. Our citizens, especially our seniors, are having a harder and harder time making ends meet.  Taxes continue to rise. Even our Constitutional Freedoms have been compromised.

You don’t have to be a genius to know there is a better way.

Instead of our government spending more, it must spend less and tax less.  Budgets must be balanced and responsible.  There is no excuse for borrowing against the future to pay our bills today.  It is simply immoral to burden future generations with debt that will impact the quality of their lives.

We must end Governor Malloy’s policies of crony capitalism that favor one business at the expense of others and instead create a business climate that is friendly to all businesses. If we can keep our businesses here, then we can keep jobs here.

We must also reconsider wasting taxpayer money on dubious projects like the New Britain to Hartford Busway

Of course, there have been other big issues besides the economy, some having to do with the primary functions of government – even public safety.

Here again, Governor Malloy and his supporters have taken us down the wrong path, repealing the death penalty and advocating for the early release of violent felons,

…and in the wake of a tragedy, he missed the mark completely.  While we should have concentrated on the safety of school children and the continuing crisis of mental illness in our society, he instead made criminals out of honest law abiding citizens by passing absurd gun control legislation that wouldn’t even have had an impact in Newtown on that fateful day.

I am proud to have stood firm for common sense and have worked to protect our Constitutional freedoms.

Since being elected, I have introduced numerous pieces of legislation to reduce regulation on businesses, reduce the tax burden for all Connecticut residents, and protect the interests of our seniors and veterans. I have also worked on legislation that benefits education, our environment and reduces the cost of energy.

Just this past year, I am proud to have sponsored many bills that have become law.  One reduces unnecessary regulations on the insurance industry and will lead to more jobs, greater competition, and lower premiums.  Another bill cracks down on annoying robotic telemarketing calls and texts.  Another aims to turn our state’s brownfields into economic development opportunities.  One proposal I am particularly proud of is a new law that makes it a crime to take advantage of veterans by making false claims as to military service or medals.  With the help of many dedicated colleagues, we recently passed a new law that creates numerous protections for electricity customers.

I continue to strive for an America where the institution of “family” still exists.  One where we are safe from any potential enemies, where the flag is revered and our soldiers are honored – an America where a person’s word means something and children are taught to aspire to achieve greatness – an America with less government and more opportunity.

I will support legislation that will reverse our current economic decline by restoring respect for hard work, for American ingenuity, and by actively supporting job creators in our state.

I will continue to defend our 2nd amendment rights, fight for lower taxes and work hard to protect our freedoms.

America exists because of patriots who pledged their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor to found this noble nation.

We need to remember the many Americans who have sacrificed since to preserve our Republic and our system of just laws for free men and women.

For some, these values may seem to have little to do with the business of our state government.  For me, they are the guide by which I have and will continue to make decisions as our State Representative.

Please cast your vote to re-elect me this November.