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Rep. Sampson opposes corporate welfare on the floor of the House of Representatives 09-28-16

Rep. Sampson gives us a budget update from the House floor just before debate 05-13-16

Rep. Sampson speaks on the House Floor about why taxpayers are fed up with “gimmicks” 12-08-15

Rep. Sampson speaks on the American Dream during a speech on the House Floor 06-29-15

Rep. Sampson speaks against “crony capitalism” on the House Floor 05-21-15

Rep. Sampson attempts to repeal drivers licenses for illegal aliens 05-18-15

Rep. Sampson welcomes Miss Wolcott OT Cynthia Dias to the State House 05-06-15

Rep. Sampson defends the rule of law in a midnight Judiciary Committee Meeting 04-11-15

Rep. Sampson helps kill a bad bill in the Judiciary Committee 04-09-15

Rep. Sampson questions Lt. Gov. Wyman on gun confiscation 03-11-15

Rep. Sampson leads a Press Conference defending Due Process for CT Citizens 03-09-15

Rep. Sampson discusses the State Budget with Senator Joe Markley 02-25-15

Rep. Sampson appears in national 2nd Amendment Video

Rep. Sampson speaks out against anti-business legislation. 04-28-14

Rep.Sampson speaks against sweeping gun control legislation on the House Floor 04-03-13

Rep. Sampson Speaks on Connecticut’s Business Environment 04-17-14

Rep Sampson opposes driver’s licenses for illegal aliens on the floor of the House of Representatives.

Rob challenging proponents of Obamacare during a hearing at the Capitol.

Rob speaking in strong opposition to the REPEAL of the death penalty.

Rob has been fighting the forced unionization of day care providers and personal care attendants.

Rob has been an outspoken opponent of the waste of taxpayer dollars known as the New Britain – Hartford Busway Project.

Rob discusses important economic issues such as the budget, taxes, and spending.

Rob is a gun owner and a strong supporter of our 2nd Amendment freedoms.