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Our home, the beautiful state of Connecticut, is in dire need of new leadership and a new direction.  This is something I believe strongly in fighting for and have begun a campaign to continue my service in the Connecticut General Assembly.

I hope you will consider attending this event.  It will be a delightful party and an opportunity to help me reach my campaign fundraising goal of $15,000.00.  I am at around the $9,000.00 mark now and need your help to make it over the top.

2018 is a pivotal election year for our state. Republicans will need strong leaders to make the changes necessary to restore prosperity to our home.

Since first being elected as a State Representative in 2011, I have worked hard to be the most effective voice for restoring American and Republican principles of maximizing personal liberty, reducing the size and scope of government, respect for hard work, and for fiscal restraint and responsibility in the Connecticut legislature.   I hope you can come out and join us!

Please accept my sincere thanks for your consideration.

Representative Rob Sampson