Dear Fellow Connecticut Resident,

2018 is a pivotal election year for our state.  Republicans have made significant legislative gains during the seven years that I have served as a State Representative.  Next year we can end the Democrat stranglehold on Connecticut.

Republicans will need strong leaders to make the changes necessary to restore prosperity to our home.

I am writing to let you know I am committed to being one of those leaders.

I am dedicated to the cause of limited government, fiscal restraint, and individual liberty.

As the chairman of the legislature’s Conservative Caucus, I have helped thwart proposals that would further damage our fragile economy and make it even harder to remain in Connecticut as a citizen, taxpayer, or businessperson.

I’ve earned a reputation for not backing down when it comes to standing up for freedom, for taxpayers, for veterans and seniors, and for law-abiding gun-owners.

Recently, I filed paperwork to run for State Senate in Connecticut’s 16th district as the successor to my good friend Senator Joe Markley, who is now a candidate for Lieutenant Governor.

I hope you will support my efforts!

My goal is to raise $15,000.00 in small contributions of up to $250.00.   I also need to reach a certain number of contributors, so even small contributions from as many donors as possible are extremely helpful.

Connecticut’s state government may well be the most poorly run in our entire country.  We have had enough of the out of control spending, destructive taxes, and the negative direction of the state.

I am sure you feel the same way!

I am determined to reduce the size of government, to lift the burden of taxation, and to restore the free enterprise system which encourages hard work and ingenuity.  There is no other path to prosperity.

My most sincere desire is to protect and maintain the American dream and to see that it survives for future generations.  Together, we can reverse the current course and get our priorities back in order, our economy back on track and make Connecticut great again.

I thank you in advance, and I look forward to hearing from you. Please feel free to email me at

Very truly yours,

Representative Rob Sampson