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My opponent continues to attempt to mislead voters by misrepresenting my record – now accusing me of only wanting to “reform Eversource when it’s election season.” in a Facebook post and mailing out a campaign flyer with even more misleading statements.

Please take a few minutes to watch this video where I set the record straight on his false claims.

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Here are some Important links I have referenced in the video and in direct response to my opponent’s “footnotes.”
Flyer Footnote #1 that claims that I “irresponsibly called for reopening businesses in April”

Listen yourself to my radio interview and know what I actually said.
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Flyer Footnote #2 – claims I “voted to protect prescription drug companies”
HB 6003 7/28/20 This is the link to the bill  –

and my comments in the Senate before the vote.  Please watch!
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Flyer Footnote #3 – claims I am “Eversource’s chief defender in the legislature”
The footnote points us to a completely unrelated bill on telehealth??? HB 6001 7/28/20 –
Here are some links making it clear that I have been fair in holding both Eversource and Hartford Democrats accountable for soaring electric rates.
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This is the Vote Tally for “Take Back Our Grid Act” HB 7006 10-01-20 –

Finally, a column I wrote back on August 8th regarding the surge in electricty rates.  Note my quote

“Just for information purposes know that the delivery charge is so high because it reflects the cost of all of the infrastructure that is required to be installed, updated and maintained to get the electricity after it’s produced to your residence or business. It is insanely overpriced because it includes plenty of profit for Eversource and lots of burdensome regulation that drive up costs.”

Full Article –
My opponent’s false claims on Facebook and in the mailbox: