Meet Rob Sampson, a familiar name in Connecticut’s political landscape, with a remarkable history of service both in and out of public office, that spans both legislative chambers and numerous committees. You might know him as the most outspoken and dedicated voice fighting to preserve our individual rights and revive the essence of limited, representative government at our state capitol.

Rob’s journey as an elected official began in the Connecticut House of Representatives, where he served four terms, representing the people of his district from 2011 to 2018. Currently, as a third-term Senator for the Connecticut’s 16th State Senate District, encompassing Prospect, Southington, Wolcott, and parts of Cheshire and Waterbury, he’s been a prominent figure, holding key positions including Deputy Minority Leader and leading various critical committees. He currently serves as the Ranking Republican Member of the Labor and Public Employees, Government Administration and Elections and Housing committees and is a member of the Judiciary committee.

In previous years has also served on the Environment, Commerce, Appropriations, Finance, Revenue, & Bonding, and as the Ranking Republican Member of the Insurance & Real Estate Committee. He founded the Connecticut General Assembly’s House Conservative Caucus and served as its first Chairman before being elected to the Senate in November 2018.

What sets Rob apart is his unwavering commitment to core principles that empower citizens. He’s a staunch advocate for transparent and responsive government, safeguarding civil liberties, enhancing education, reinforcing election integrity, upholding the rule of law, and challenging policies that have escalated living costs and compromised public safety.

Healthcare reform, combatting the opioid crisis, and curbing human trafficking are among the causes Rob champions fervently. He’s more than just a lawmaker; he’s a warrior for the values that underpin the American system.

He strives to set a principled example for his colleagues and to uphold his oath to our Constitution, regardless of the odds against him. He is known as Connecticut’s fiercest freedom fighter, willing to stand alone and to challenge his own party to defend the principles of individual liberty and limited Constitutional government. His extraordinary, passionate, and sometimes lengthy speeches have echoed through legislative chambers, often advocating for a new direction for Connecticut’s future.

While serving in the minority, he has been the most outspoken voice on several causes, challenging the Malloy & Lamont administrations’ budgets and leading the opposition to the several detrimental policies including the early release of violent felons, the forced unionization of child-care providers and personal care attendants, the New Britain to Hartford Busway, granting driver’s licenses to illegal aliens, the Trust Act, and more recently, highway tolls, gas taxes, rising electricity rates, critical race theory, and the police accountability act. Rob is also known as an unwavering advocate for quality education, fighting for beneficial policy for parents and students, and also empowering teachers in the classroom.

But it’s not just about fighting against the wrong; Rob has co-sponsored nearly 150 bills that became law, benefitting seniors, veterans, the economy, education, and good government. His dedication hasn’t gone unnoticed; in fact, it’s been acclaimed by various organizations that recognize his efforts in protecting parental rights, advocating for government transparency, and promoting a pro-business environment.

In late 2021, Senator Rob Sampson was recognized by a leading parental rights organization, Parent’s Choice CT (now Families for Freedom) as their 2021 legislative champion and “Connecticut’s Fiercest Freedom Fighter” for his work protecting parental rights in education and medical freedom. In 2023, Rob was recognized by CPAC with a 100% conservative rating and an award for Conservative Excellence.

Also in 2021, The Connecticut Conference of Municipalities named Senator Sampson a Legislative Champion of the Year for his leadership in promoting transparency in government and budget matters during the 2021 legislative session.

In 2023 and previous years, Sampson’s ardent support for Connecticut’s economic competitiveness and business climate earned Sampson a 100% pro-business voting record according to the Connecticut Business and Industry Association (CBIA).

Rob is a member of the NRA, a gun owner, and is active in the sport. He became widely recognized throughout our state and beyond in 2013 for his unyielding defense of Constitutional principles and law-abiding gun owners. He received the Legislator of the Year award in 2012 from the Connecticut Citizens Defense League and received the highly respected NRA Defender of Freedom award in 2014.

Rob Sampson graduated Meriden’s Maloney High School with honors, later attending Central Connecticut State University, majoring in Marketing.

He started work at age 16 as a stock boy in a local department store at $3.37 per hour. As a young man, he also worked as an auto mechanic, a handyman, store clerk, parts counterperson, and a roadie for a deejay company. Starting as an entry level insurance agent, he worked his way up in the independent insurance agency business, including managing several small but profitable offices.

In 2002, Sampson made the decision to dedicate his efforts principally to real estate. He has been a top producer throughout his real estate career and currently works out of the Southington location of Realty 3 of Connecticut as both a Realtor and Regional Recruiter. He has also remained active in insurance, now as an advisor & counselor with more than 20 years of experience.

Over the years, Rob has trained dozens of insurance agents, producers, and customer service representatives to work in the independent insurance agency system. He has also recruited and mentored dozens of professional Realtors. He is also a landlord, property manager, and real estate investor.

Born and raised in Meriden, Rob’s deep-rooted connection to Connecticut led him to Wolcott, where he found a place that aligned with his values of a quality education system, pro-American values, and lower taxes.

Away from the political hustle, Rob indulges in a variety of interests – from renovating houses to restoring classic cars & motorcycles, playing the guitar, target shooting, and exploring the outdoors. His passion for history, particularly the American Revolution and Civil War, fuels his personal pursuits and shapes his political ethos. He cites Abraham Lincoln as his inspiration for politics and becoming a Republican. He is also nationally recognized for his expertise in debating Constitutional principles.

Rob Sampson embodies a rare blend of principled advocacy, diverse professional experience, and a genuine connection to the community he serves. His dedication to constitutional principles and his relentless pursuit of a better Connecticut define him, making him a candidate whose commitment resonates with the needs and aspirations of the people.