Last night, I had the great honor of being unanimously endorsed to once again be the Republican candidate for Connecticut’s 16th Senate District, representing Southington, Wolcott, Cheshire, Prospect, and Waterbury.

Thank you to the delegates and to the many friends and supporters who have helped me over the years. I still have the same fight and passion that I started with. I will continue fighting to rebuild our great state by restoring economic opportunity and prosperity, by reducing government interference and overregulation – not to mention taxes.

I will continue standing for individual liberty and the right of every person to live as they choose, pursuing their own goals and dreams. I will continue to defend our American principles of limited and constitutional self-government, and to preserve our American culture of hard work, respect for differences, judging on merit, and striving to be the best!

Thanks to all who have supported me in the past. I will need your vote again this year. For anyone wishing to learn more, I hope you will follow me. You can also call or write me directly. My email is rob@sampsonforct.com and my cell phone is 860-508-1969.


Senator Rob Sampson